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Dear Prof Allon, thanks for your post! I am a researcher on this kind of services with UAVs. However, my view is quite pessimistic. I think we should add more costs than simply the human controller and the drone, as it requires insurances, continuous maintenance, design and development of the drone...

In last years, there was a big boom of this kind of companies thanks to SPAC financial instruments. However, now that the interest rates are rising, these companies are starting to tumble.

My view is that drone delivery will be useful for ocassions when the cost is not a critical variable. For instance, sending medicines to a not easily accessible region or search for victims on the mountains. There was a business model last summer in Ibiza that clearly summarized my view, and it was a service for delivering champagne and caviar to young rich people on yatches.

Anyway, let's see what the future prepares.

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I tend to agree about bigger drones. I think the Flytrex ones are fairly cheap so even if you "dispose" them after 1000 trips, they are very economical. I can see the issue for more heavy duty delivery. But in general I agree.

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https://t.co/GhUME0ThLG I think that you probably saw the news. Who knows how much pays Amazon per each delivery now.

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