Great points! I think similar problem exists in software product development companies - a tension between fully autonomous teams vs a shared resource pool.

As for FedEx, as a consumer, I do not see any difference between FedEx and UPS anymore. They seem to offer same services and at relatively similar prices. There is still little more brand reliability premium I attach to FedEx but that has been declining for me.

Also, overnight document delivery has been gone for almost a decade now. Why did it take that long for FedEx to retool it's operations?

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Apr 10, 2023Liked by Gad Allon

I also wonder last-mile drone delivery is reaching a high enough level of maturity where it influences FedEx's medium-term strategy. It is probably better to have the Ground and Express combined before adding drone capabilities.

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Everything is okay but why have you used a chart from the pandemic affected 2020 to show negative correlation? There is no guarantee that this correlation holds in normal periods right ?

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