As always, well researched and great points. However, when I read the piece from WSJ, with orders moving to-go / pickup, the formats of the stores is going to change, and Chipotle will be no exception. I see my neighborhood Chipotle now less lines, more people waiting to pick up an already placed order. Certainly low wait times in the store are important, and so are with online orders, but the way food is prepared and packaged and kept on shelf for customer to come pick will change. I am not certain if Chipotle is trying to get some brand name by announcing 15K but on the other side, they would be cutting down the different type of workforce?


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There is no question that not all growth is going to come from in store dining, but just like other places, online has been trending down, while in person has been trending up. Regardless, both for in person and for online, you need to have speed.

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