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Boys don’t cry about surge pricing, We can lament that high prices are taking off in the live music industry but surge pricing does give a chance to pay for what is valuable and close to you .

But lets not bring a grinding halt to the push to match limited supply and high demand in. It allows for flexibility. Perhaps an example fan, Charlotte ,Sometimes might be prepared to pay more for a ticket at 10.15 on a Saturday to fly to a gig in Paris , or perhaps it’s cheaper for her to take The Walk than park her brand new Mint car on one of the in between days concerts. Maybe she can jump on someone else’s train and save money that way. The temptation to keep faith with traditional fixed pricing may seem fair but if it’s Friday and I’m in love with a specific Lovesong I’ll pay more to see that.

Using ticket master is frustrating and feel like torture. Online Pricing changes fast, sometimes it feels like you only have seventeen seconds to grab that Hot hot Hot ticket before it’s Gone and it can feel like banging your head on a door.

Attending increasingly expensive live music and posting pictures of yourself on Instagram can seem like a luxury , feel unfair and invoke jealously of those that can’t afford it. Social media can make us all feel like we are missing out. A fan may think it’s the end of the world when they see someone else posting pics , dressing up in the 13th row with the Perfect boy on a night like this instead of back in the cheap seats back in the forest of fans, they may wish “why can’t I be you”.

It may seem Cold but upon reflection adjusting these prices to the short term effects enables fans to get what they want at the top value to the band. It perhaps feels that ticket master is turning the screw to get every last drop of blood out of our willingness to pay but my desire to see an ageing British Rock band one more time is quite High in these strange days.

But of course If they charge it too much then fans will just skip the gig , put on a lullaby and say lets go to bed instead.

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Is Course Match only for the MBAs?

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