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Restaurants in Chinese malls have for years had digital queues while providing snacks/beverages for those waiting in line. In my experience, even token offerings still help reduce "the balk" since people feel like they are getting something for their time. Not entirely unlike waiting at the bar while your table is getting ready, but the bar takes up space while putting out drinks/snacks is relatively space-efficient

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Keeping people active in the line makes the line feels less like a line and more like an activity.

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I have never eaten Chick-fil-A...and some people assume that it's because I'm a Good Gay but it's actually because of line balk XD

I was wondering your thoughts on the In-And-Out system--to me they are the best at handling long lines (e.g. taking orders earlier, having people instead of an intercom system, etc.) and I wondered why other fast food joints don't copy them (or maybe they do try?)

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