Curious to imagine when Beyond or Impossible products can significantly start to appear on the Thanksgiving table as a way to offset the smaller birds!

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Additional strategies for mitigating some of the risks in this fowl situation:

1. Bi-modal: process + freeze X% of the flock AND grow to full size (1-x)% of the flock - locks in a base level of gains while still getting exposure to gobble up the upside. By reducing the flock size, you also decrease the density and therefore risk of avian flu.

2. Insurance. Just as with crop-insurance, I would imagine the turkey producers could insure against avian flu outbreak

3. Hipster Tom: Sell members of your flock to individual families during the summer (at a premium) and then they raise the bird themselves.

4. Separation: split a single farm into separate farms so you don't lose all of your birds if one group gets infected.

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