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COVID Tests and Supply Chains: The Odd Couple of 2021

Algorithmic Competition in the Gig Economy

New York State of Mind

Small Scale Supply Chain: Why is it so Hard?

’Tis the Season of Flight Delays

Shortage Signs vs. Facing: Cheap Talk in Supply Chains

DoorDash Acquires Wolt: Consolidation, Scale, and Density

Priority Queues and Skiing: A Slippery Slope

Uber, Tesla, and Hertz: The Unlikely Triangle

Return Culture

Front Line Workers and Customers: Anger in Days of COVID

Premature Scaling: Will Gorillas Go Puff?

The “Labor Squeeze Stockouts”: The Enemy From Within

Do You Want to Have an Algorithmic Boss?

Hotel And Office: Business Travel During COVID

IKEA Shortages and Disruption in Waste Collection: Is this the New Equilibrium?

Can we still “Contain” Holiday Shipping this Year?

Catch 22: The Future of the Gig Economy

The Case Against Self-Checkouts

On Aggregators and Dis-Aggregators

Supply Chains in a Volatile World

Why Does Customer Service Stink?

When the Flywheel Heads Down a Slippery Slope

So, is it Day 2 Already?

Pandemics and Robots: An Odd Couple

Pandemics and Robots: An Odd Couple

We Can’t be that Short-Sighted. Can we?

DoorDash and Albertsons: Platforms and the Risk of Marginal Thinking

Scaling (Process) Innovation: Know-How vs. Know-Why

The End of Just-In-Time is Near. Are you ready for what comes next?

Long Waiting Time for Your Uber Driver? It’s a Feature. Not a Bug

The Scaling Illusion: Easier to Launch. Harder to (Hyper) Scale

Barebone Supply Chain for Beef Spurs the Bullwhip Effect (and Inflation)

What can be hacked, will be hacked: Colonial pipeline And Modern Supply Chains

Remote Work vs. Back to the Office: What can we learn from the Battle of the Sexes?

From Gorillas to GoPuff: Fridge No More

Ration(alizing) the Chip Shortage: Grinding to a Halt

The Hobbled Bubble Tea Supply Chain

Can the Government Out-Gig Uber?

COVID is doing to Supply Chains what the Housing Crisis did to Banks

T-shirt Landed Cost and Suez Canal

The Revolt of "Live": Remote Education, Clubhouse and Twitter

Cohort Based Courses: Something old, Something new

Sense Of Urgency and Things that Don't Scale

The future of the gig economy: Growth and Regulation

Delta and The Middle Seat: Will it pay off?

Vaccination is lagging? (Can’t) Pool me once shame on you, (can’t) pool me twice: shame on me.