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Amazon’s Holiday Shopping List: 250,000 Workers!

How did COVID (Really) Shape Supply Chains?

Hoka’s Marathon: The Slow Dance of Strategic Growth and Sneaker Economics

Serving Up Truth with a Side of Whopper: Should Burger King be More Transparent?

Knowing Me, Knowing You: IKEA Takes a Chance on SF

Sky’s the Limit: Unraveling the Economics of All-You-Can-Fly Passes

The Soap Opera of Reshoring

Bending it Like Beckham: Amazon’s Attempt at Groceries and the Curve of Scalability

Chaos Monkey: Unraveling the Vulnerabilities of Today's Global Supply Chain

Airport Queue Management: Is More Information Better?

Wimbledon’s Queuing Culture: More than Tennis

Building Bridges: The Human Side of Operations

Hourly Pay Keeps the Multihomer at Bay

The Miseducation of Continuous Improvement

The Operational, Economic, and Taylor Swift Drivers of Tipping

Your Doctor May Soon be a Gig Worker

Unraveling Shein’s Supply Chain: Foundation, Reshoring, and Controversy

First Principles Thinking: Tesla Unboxing the Assembly Line

Doing Justice to Immigration Queues

Poke-No-More: Leveraging Poka-Yoke for Quality Healthcare

The Most Evergreen Forecast: Your Flight will be Delayed

From DVDs to Streaming: Netflix’s Less Enduring Moat

Scaling the DTC Jungle: Walmart’s Amazon Envy and the Bonobos-sized Misadventure

Outsmarting Algorithms (and Firms): Anticipatory Behavior in the Labor Market

FedEx and the End of Focus

Scaling the Bitter Bean: How Blank Street Brews Success with a Dash of Mediocrity and a Shot of Frosty Service

When Warehouses Take Flight: Rise of the Drones

Surge Pricing is Surging: It’s an Unfair Game

Liquidating Cancelled Inventory

Brick-and-Mortar Renaissance?

N(GW)IMBY: No Gig Workers In My Back Yard

Don’t Recall Me. I’ll Recall You

On Gondolas: The Aerial Ones…

McDonald’s (no longer) Loves to See you Smile

It’s the time of the Season for … Burritos?

Humans In the (AI) Loop

In-N-Out is Going East: Burger as a Religious Experience?

The Operations of Rotisserie Chicken and Falafel

Southwest Airlines Meltdown: The Real Root Cause